Say what you want about this young man, Lil’ Yachty is an innovator. Yes, he might think Drake is better than Tupac and yes, he might not know a Notorious B.I.G lyric but he does know how to create a lane for himself and his music. And let’s not forget this 19-year-old is the creative director for the clothing line Nautica. Yachty has just released his debut album entitled  Teenage Emotions. The album is a little too much teenage for me with songs like Better and Bring It Back that should have not made it on this album but maybe a mixtape. The song entitled Otha shit should have definitely been a full song and not just fifty seconds. It’s catchy and full of flavor. The song that I want to see as the next single is No More. Lil’ Yachty raps “ I remember nights sleeping on the floor, now I got bitches I got in Singapore.” Keep doing your thing young king and make sure you do your history on the artists who paved the way for you cause not knowing a notorious B.I.G lyric will make you look like a lil’ lifeboat.

I rated the songs by an asterisk. 5 being the highest

Like A Star****

DN Freestyle**

Peek A Boo*****

Dirty Mouth****


All Around Me***

Say My Name****

All You Had To Say****


Forever Young****

Lady In Yellow****

Moments In Time**

Otha Shit****

X Men****

Bring It Back**

Running With A Ghost****

FYI (Know Now)***


No More*****

Made Of Glass***



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Bryson Tiller Is Being TRUE TO HimSELF


When being an entertainer you have to know who you are and where you want to go that’s what being true to self means, being aware and awake. Singer/Songwriter Bryson Tiller knows that. His latest album entitled True To Self is filled with “cuffin’ season tunes” that has a Soft Trap, Hip Hop, 90’s R&B feel to them. The honesty and visual lyrics are what I like about Bryson music. On the song You Got It he sings, “you a bad little thing, true religion jeans, super clean, what’s good with you and me, chasing dreams, hit me when you’re free, sex me, that’s just what I needed.” Songs like We Both Know, Money Problems/Benz Truck and Self Made, which should be the next single, are still on repeat.  Go listen to Set It Off. Bryson sings “she a pull a gun for me, pop two, she a take one for me, set it off if a bitch comes for me, set it off if a nigga comes for me.” One thing for certain Bryson Tiller is he is not slowing up and he is not going anywhere. Shout out to Louisville, Kentucky.

I rated the songs I like by an asterisk. 5 is the highest.

Rain On Me (Intro)***

No Longer Friends****

Don’t Get Too High****

Blowing Smoke****

We Both Know****

You Got It****

In Check****


Run Me Dry****

High Stakes***

Rain Interlude***

Teach Me A Lesson****

Stay Blessed****

Money Problems/Benz Truck****

Set It Off*****

Never mind This Interlude***

Before You Judge****

Somethin’ Tells Me****

Always (Outro)****


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Fay The Queen & BIG The King


It’s no secret that this Hip Hop couple was the center of attention in the early 90s music. R&B sensation Faith Evans, wife of the late great Notorious B.I.G released an album entitled The King & I featuring verses from B.I.G. Hearing Biggie Smalls voice is surreal, I know the hip/hop, rap would not be what it is today if he was still living, rest in peace Frank White. This album is electrifying, Faith has always had a beautiful voice, songs like Fool For You shows that. The song that really caught my attention was Tryna Get By. The drums are on point. Faith Evans sing the chorus, “We take the good, we take the bad, it’s not about what we had, we just trying to get by, trying to stay out of trouble, all we want to do is get a little bit better.” I really liked the flip they did on B.I.G famous hit song Ten Crack Commandments, calling it Ten Wife Commandments. Everything Faith sung on that was so true if you want to be a wife. I Don’t Want It has that Cali, G-Funk feel to it and has an unreleased verse from B.I.G on it, I think. The skits with Mama Wallace brings it all together. Shout out to Faith Evans for keeping the B.I.G legacy alive. Real one.

I rated the songs by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.




Can’t Get Enough****

*Don’t Test Me***


Tryna Get By***

The Reason*****

I Don’t Want It*****

I Got Married****

Ten Wife Commandments****

We Just Clicked****

A Little Romance***

The Baddest****

Fool For You****


Got Me Twisted****

When We Party****

Somebody Knows****

Take Me There****

One In The Same****

I Wish****

Lovin’ You For Life****


It Was Worth It***


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Snoop Dogg NEVA LEFT


The Miles Davis of gang banging, if you don’t know now you do. Snoop Dogg just dropped another one. His album entitled Neva Left is a full of anthems for this summer. It starts off with album-entitled song Neva Left and it brings you right in to, get comfortable with the sample from the Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M song and is laced with a piano in the hook and a taste of a saxophone. Songs like Trash Bags and Toss It will be played in your nearest strip club. On Trash Bags K Camp sing’s “trash bags full of cash, full of cash, count that.” It seems a little out of Snoop Dogg comfort zone but he really surprised me. An album by the S.N. double O. P would not be complete without a song for the marijuana connoisseur. 420 Blaze Up is nice, shout out to Devin The Dude and Wiz Khalifa, I don’t think this song would be what it is if it was not for those two weed advocates rapping on it. No this is not Doggystyle or The Doggfather but you cannot deny the fact that Snoop is a Legend and anything he drops is worth listening to. The ending song Around The World should have had me on it so anyone that know Snoop let him know he needs a verse from the D.R.A.C.

I rated the songs I like by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Neva Left*****

Moment I Feared****

Bacc In Da Dayz***

Promise You This****

Trash Bags*****


Go On****

Big Mouth***

Toss It****

420 (Blaze Up)*****

Lavender (Nightfall Remix)****
Let Us Begin****

Mount Kushmore****

Vapors (DJ Battlecat Remix)*****

I’m Still Here****

Love Around The World****


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Ed Sheeran Knows How To DIVIDE


The singer /songwriter/guitarist Ed Sheeran newest album DIVIDE is #6 on Billboard 200. It features the hit single Shape Of You that has close to 1 billion streams. This album is phenomenal. With a mixture of Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, and Alternative, this album can get play from the car, crib, and club. The next single I would like to hear would be Barcelona, the song is catchy to the ear and has that same feel that Shape Of You has. The chorus to Barcelona Ed sing’s ” And you and I, were flying on an aeroplane tonight, we’re going, somewhere, where the sun is shining bright, just close your eyes, and let’s pretend we’re dancing in the streets, in Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona.” I can’t wait to see a music video to match the content. This is definitely an album worth giving an ear to. New Man is also a good song too.

I rated songs by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.


Castle On The Hill****


Shape Of You*****


Galway Girl****


New Man*****

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here****

What Do I Know?****

How Would You Feel (Paean)****

Supermarket Flowers****


Bibia Be Ye Ye****

Nancy Mulligan****

Save Myself****

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Chris Stapleton Is FROM A ROOM



I was on looking at billboard 200 top albums and I found Chris Stapleton album entitled From A Room: Volume 1 was at #2. Say what you want about country music, it still has the only fans that buy the album, t-shirt, coffee mug, decal sticker, and posters. Country music fans are loyal and consume music the right way, listening to it for 6 months, not 6 days. This album is very well put together from song arrangement to song order. It opens up to a steady pace, heartwarming, grace-filled song entitled Broken Halos. My favorite song on the album is Death row. It sounds like B.B King or Johnny Cash should/could have been featured on it. If you close your eyes and listen to it you see everything he is talking about. Soul music. My favorite line comes from the song Up To No Good Livin’ Chris sings “ I used to drink like a fish and run like a dog, done a whole lot of shit not permitted by law, people call me the Picasso of painting the town.”

Fun Facts:

If you listen to music like I do then you would the same progression played on Chris Stapleton I Was Wrong and R&B star Usher Bad Girl Off his Confession album.


I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Broken Halos****

Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning**

Second One To Know****

Up To No Good Livin’***

Either Way****

I Was Wrong****

Without Your Love*****

Them Stems***

Death Row*****


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Gorillaz R Humanz


The attention span of a fan of music is so short nowadays. What was a smash hit yesterday will not have the same impact tomorrow? The first virtual Hip Hop group Gorillaz know’s this. Their new album entitled Humanz has 26 tracks that have a mixture of EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and a bit of reggae too. This album is jam packed with great features from Danny Brown, Anthony Hamilton, Pusha T, D.R.A.M, Popcaan and even De La Soul. What I like about Gorillaz is their versatility. They know how to make you dance no matter what. I had to do my two-step to the song Andromeda. Other songs that I really enjoyed were Busted&Blue, The Apprentice, Ascension, and Submission. “The sky is falling baby, drop that ass before it crashes.” If you are not familiar with the Gorillaz go listen to their double platinum album Demon Days with the hit single Feel Good Inc.


I rated the songs I like by asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Intro: I Switched My Robot Off***



Saturnz Barz****


Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath***



Interlude: Elevator Going Up***


Busted And Blue*****

Interlude: Talk Radio***


Let Me Out***

Interlude: Penthouse***

Sex Murder Party****

She’s My Collar****

Interlude: The Elephant***

Hallelujah Money****

We Got The Power*****

Interlude: New World**

The Apprentice*****

Halfway To The Halfway House****

Out Of Body***

Ticker Tape****

Circle Of Friendz***

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Well DAMN K.Dot


“Bitch Be Humble, sit down.” It’s about that time again. Kendrick Lamar is back and his newest album entitled DAMN is a testament to why he is one of the greats. The two hot singles DNA and HUMBLE are being played in the crib, car, and club and the music video DNA features actor Don Cheadle. On this album, you hear some Trap, R&B, Alternative Hip Hop and Rap. What I like about Kendrick is that he did not stick to one formula on music production side. The song PRIDE has a Jimi Hendrix feels to it, the song Humble sounds like 2 chains passed up on it first and the song LUST sound like a feature from Andre 3000 would have been nice for both parties. That U2 feature was big for the culture. I also enjoyed the DJ Kid Capri feature on this album. If you don’t know who Kid Capri is I hate you and you are not a fan of Hip Hop stop faking the funk. DAMN is better than To Pimp a Butterfly because it shows the old Kendrick, Section.80 Kendrick. I hope that he does do an album with J. Cole. It would go platinum in 24hrs. Say what you want about K. Dot, he is still at the top of today’s Hip Hop/Rap Pinnacle.

“Don’t judge me, my mama caught me with a strap, don’t judge me, I was young fucking all the rats, don’t judge me, aim it at your head for a stack, don’t judge, don’t judge me, now my home got a valley peak, don’t judge me, if I press your line, you a freak, don’t judge me, won’t you tell your friend, y’all gone see. This what god feel like.” GOD.

I rated the songs I like by asterisk. 5 is the highest.

















Mary J. Blige Still Strong


The queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige has started the year 2017 out with a bang. Her newest album which is her thirteenth solo album entitled Strength Of A Woman is nothing less than superb. The very first track Love Yourself featuring Kanye West sets the mood for the entire album. It has a Hip Hop feel to it and sheds light on that Kayne that we all miss. Mary sings “You gotta love yourself, before you can love anybody else.” The production through out this album is point, Live drums, piano, strings and a hint of trap here and there was well put together. My favorite song is U+Me. The male vocal harmonies are something I could hear on a Isley Bros or Curtis Mayfield track. Even though It has been rough for Mary J Blige the last two years. Her marriage to her manager Kendu Isaacs coming to an end, it really put her in a Whats The 411 state of mind. This album is a reminder of what Mary J Blige has done for the R&B, Hip Hop and Soul music and will continue to do.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 being the highest

Love Yourself*****

Thick Of It****

Set Me Free****

Its Me****

Glow Up****



Thank You****


Find The Love***


Telling The Truth****

Strength Of A Woman****

Hello Father****

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Wale Always SHINE


“Thank God, I said thank god, I said thank god, we don’t do what we used to do no more.” When It comes to mixing that DMV go-go style and hip hop together the man that you can applaud is Wale. His newest album Shine has a sound that cannot be duplicated or imitated. Even with the criticism of the album not really selling its projected number of units in its first week I still believe Wale made an album that’s worth listening to. His opening track called Thank God Wale rhymes “Gave niggas hand-outs, they became a hand full.” that line alone says so much. Fashion Week featuring G-Eazy from Oakland has a fashion runway/ party feel to it like Jay-Z Change Clothes song from The Black Album. I know Tyra Banks is going to love that track. Colombia Heights is so catchy with J. Balvin rapping in Hispanic, it puts you plug mode wanting to hit the freeway and put the top down, if you laying it like that. On Mathematics Wale raps “Keep it 100 with squad, playing it 50 with hoes, and I got nothing for anyone fronting,  its simple I stick to the code.” Wale is always a breath of fresh air so all that talk about him flopping is absurd. You cant lose when you don’t sound like nobody but yourself. Running Back featuring Lil Wayne could have stayed in the vault though.

I rated the songs I like by asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Thank God****

Running Back***

Scarface Rozay Gotti****

My Love***

Fashion Week****

Colombia Heights****

CC White****


Fish N Grits*****

Fine Girl****

Heaven On Earth***

My PYT****



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