Atlanta up and coming superstar 21 Savage has just released his debut album under Epic Records entitled Issa Album. I will say that I am surprised with this new album by 21 Savage. This album is pretty good. His beat selection and conversational gang related lyrics are put together right and give 21 his own lane. On the song Baby Girl 21 raps“Go yard bag I’m on some other shit bitch boy, five racks a get your pussy ass hit boy, He dropped out of school to jump out with that stick boy, all you niggas big cap I’m the real McCoy Yea, Smoking cookies, yea chips ahoy, had to block her number cause the bitch annoying.” Songs that stood out to me were Famous, Bad Business, Dead People and Nothin’ New.

That next single and music video 21 should be thinking about is Special. I really see the crossover potential in that song. I know there is an ongoing debate about the new generation of young millennial’s rappers not being lyrical and not respecting their elders of the hip hop game. All I have to say is let the youth have fun and as long as they put out great quality music they can do as they feel just know you don’t really got the sauce if the one’s who paved the way for you don’t give you an ear. With that being said, shout out 21 Savage. Keep doing it young king.

I rated the songs I like by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.


Bank Account****

Close My Eyes***

Bad Business****

Baby Girl****

Thug Life****


Nothin’ New*****


Dead People*****

Money Convo***


Whole Lot*****

7 Min Freestyle****

Photo By: IG: @21savage


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