300 Entertainment Artist Young Thug has just released a new album entitled Beautiful Thugger Girls. Young Thug made headlines last couple weeks when he stated that he was the new Tupac Shakur, well this album proves that he is dead wrong needs to go back to the drawing board. I will say that some of the punch lines that Thug said were a little catchy and made me laugh. On the song Family Don’t matter Thug says “Turn up on you bastards, I’m in a ghost like Casper, everything go smooth for me like I got my master’s.” A lot of songs on this album like Family Don’t Matter and She Wanna Party did not have lyrics that went well with the content. Songs like Me Or Us and Do U Love Me should have never made this album. West coast legend Snoop Dog is on the song Get High and he made the track his for real. What I was expecting from this album was features from beautiful thugger girls like Rihanna, Sza or maybe even Kehlani. I will be producing the next album for Young Thug. I got it.


I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Family Don’t Matter***

Tommorow Til Infinity***

She Wanna Party***

Daddy’s Birthday****

Do U Love Me**


You Said****

On Fire***

Get High****

Feel It***

Me Or Us**

Oh Yeah**

For Ya’ll***

Take Care***


Photo By Glenjamn3

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