Got to wake up, got to wake up, got to wake up your ears to pop-artist Halsey. She just released a new album entitled Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. It stands at #7 on Billboard. The single Now Or Never stands right now at #20 on Billboard 100. It has a Hip-Pop, EDM feel to it. On the song Alone, which is my favorite, Halsey sings “I know you dying to leave me, but I can just tell you this, baby, as soon as you leave me, you wish that you never did.” The song that I feel needs a music video is Don’t Play. It has a street anthem feel to it. Halsey raps “all alone out in Saint-Tropez, looking as fine as a damn Monet, trying hydrate on Perrier, everybody thirsty, drinks on me, when I’m out, clothes on layaway.” I would have rather heard Migos group member Quavo on this song than on the song Lie. This is a very well put together album and Halsey can really sing.

I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

The Prologue****

100 Letters****

Eyes Closed****

Heaven In Hiding****


Now Or Never*****


Good Mourning*****


Walls Could Talk***

Bad At Love***

Don’t Play****


Angel On Fire****

Devil In Me*****



Photo By: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


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