The production duo that goes by the name The Chainsmokers has released their album entitled Memories…. Do Not Open. The album is #20 on Billboard 200 and their single Something Just Like This Featuring Coldplay is #8 on Billboard 100. The album is so up-tempo with Pop, Dance, EDM, Alternative Rock, R&B, and a hint of Hip Hop. The song that I really liked is Don’t Say featuring Emily Warren and Wake Up Alone featuring Jhene Aiko. On Wake Up Alone, Jhene sings “will you still care, in the morning, when the magic gone, gone, gone, and will you be there in the morning, do you stay when it all goes, or will I wake up alone.” This album can be played at the club, in the car, and at the crib. You cannot go wrong with this album. Shout out to Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Keep making the world dance their shoes off.


That chord progression on My Type is so dope. Emily Warren sings “you’re just my type, the kind that only calls me, late at night, you can’t decide if you’ll be yours or mines, I hate to say it but you just my type, just my type, just my type.”


I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest

The One*****

Break Up Every Night****


Don’t Say*****

Something Just Like This*****

My Type*****

It Won’t Kill Ya*****



Wake Up Alone*****


Last Day Alive****


Photo By: The Come Up Show

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