Former member of British boy band One Direction Harry Styles is the millennial John Lennon. His Debut album is #10 on Billboard 200. This album has a alternative, neo soul, R&B, Rock N’ Roll, Country feel to it. The song Ever Since New York has a Beatles Penny Lane persona to it. Hidden content and real substance. Harry sing’s “ Brooklyn saw me, empty avenues, there’s no water, inside this swimming pool, almost over, had enough of you, and I’ve been praying, never did before, understand I’m, talking to a wall, I’ve been praying, ever since New York.” On the song called Carolina, Harry sing’s “ she’s got a family in Carolina, so far away but she says I remind her of home.” The hook/chorus instrumentation is so catchy and uptempo, you have to go listen to it. Overall this is well structured album shout out to Harry Styles and I am going to need you on a hook of one of my songs real soon.

I rated the songs I lked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Meet Me In The Hallway*****

Signs Of The Times****


Two Ghosts*****

Sweet Creature****

Only Angel****


Ever Since New York*****


From The Dining Table****


Photo By: Eva Rinaldi

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