No Diss, but to me, The Rascal Flatts are the male version of Dixie Chicks. Their newest album entitled Back To Us is #55 on Billboard 200. This album is Country but it has a hint of Hip Hop and R&B with tracks like I Know You Won’t and Hands Talk. A song called Are You Happy Now is a superb duet featuring Lauren Alaina. In the chorus, they both sing, “What goes around comes back around, it’s been that way forever, baby just look at you now, barely holding it together, we were so in love, but you gave that up, just look around, are you happy now.” I also liked the song Vandalized. The concept was different and fresh from what hear today, go check it out. This album is well rounded from an emotional perspective because you will dance, cry, reminisce and laugh. Shout out Rascal Flatts and you guys should definitely do a joint album with the Dixie Chicks, that would be a Country Music Classic.

I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Yours If You Want It*****

Hopin’ You Were Lookin’****

I Know You Won’t*****


Back To Us****

Kiss You While I Can***


Are You Happy Now*****

Hands Talk*****


Love What You’ve Done To The Place****

Roller Rink****

Our Night To Shine*****


Photo By: Redfires23



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