Alternative Metal Group Linkin Park has released a new album entitled One More Light that has jumped to #1 on Billboard 200 so, I had to give it a listen. Linkin Park music always comes with substance behind Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and Heavy Metal. I was surprised to hear G.O.O.D Music president/Hip Hop artist Pusha T on Good Goodbye, He really brought the song to full circle, go give it a listen. My favorite song Battle Symphony, the chorus they sing, “ I hear my battle symphony, all the world in front of me, if my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together, battle symphony, please just don’t give up on me, my eyes are wide awake.” This album like all the other Linkin Park albums are inspirational and experimental you cannot go wrong with adding some Linkin Park to your playlist.

Nobody Can Save Me****

Good Goodbye****

Talking To Myself****

~Battle Symphony****



Sorry For Now****

Halfway Right****

One More Light****

Sharp Edges****


Photo By: Ludmila Joaquina Valentina Buyo


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