Since 2011 Machine Gun Kelly has been tearing down stages and putting on for his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. His latest album entitled Bloom is a complete body of work from start to finish. With a balance of street, radio-friendly anthems this is definitely an album worth buying. There is a mixture of Alternative, Hip Hop, Trap and Rock N’ Roll. The first song you hear is called The Gunner. With that melodic intro with the piano, you can’t help but be drawn in to listen. The first four bars MGK raps “ my walk is so cocky, the bouncers don’t even stop me, ain’t no pat down, no I.D, they know me that shit obvi, bitch I pack out the lobby, just from fans trying to find me, I got daughters and mothers, trying to fuck with the gunner.” This whole album is nice but my favorite track would have to between Golden God and Moonwalkers. As an artist, the order of your tracks can determine how your album is viewed and MGK kept the more meaningful songs like Let You Go and 27 for the ending, I really like that.


The Gunner*****


Go For Broke****

At My Best****

Kiss The Sky****

Golden God*****

Trap Paris*****


Can’t Walk***

Bad Things****


Let You Go****



Photo By: Jimmy Booey


Rest in peace George Kelly Barnes aka The Real Machine Gun Kelly


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