300 Entertainment Artist Young Thug has just released a new album entitled Beautiful Thugger Girls. Young Thug made headlines last couple weeks when he stated that he was the new Tupac Shakur, well this album proves that he is dead wrong needs to go back to the drawing board. I will say that some of the punch lines that Thug said were a little catchy and made me laugh. On the song Family Don’t matter Thug says “Turn up on you bastards, I’m in a ghost like Casper, everything go smooth for me like I got my master’s.” A lot of songs on this album like Family Don’t Matter and She Wanna Party did not have lyrics that went well with the content. Songs like Me Or Us and Do U Love Me should have never made this album. West coast legend Snoop Dog is on the song Get High and he made the track his for real. What I was expecting from this album was features from beautiful thugger girls like Rihanna, Sza or maybe even Kehlani. I will be producing the next album for Young Thug. I got it.


I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Family Don’t Matter***

Tommorow Til Infinity***

She Wanna Party***

Daddy’s Birthday****

Do U Love Me**


You Said****

On Fire***

Get High****

Feel It***

Me Or Us**

Oh Yeah**

For Ya’ll***

Take Care***


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Got to wake up, got to wake up, got to wake up your ears to pop-artist Halsey. She just released a new album entitled Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. It stands at #7 on Billboard. The single Now Or Never stands right now at #20 on Billboard 100. It has a Hip-Pop, EDM feel to it. On the song Alone, which is my favorite, Halsey sings “I know you dying to leave me, but I can just tell you this, baby, as soon as you leave me, you wish that you never did.” The song that I feel needs a music video is Don’t Play. It has a street anthem feel to it. Halsey raps “all alone out in Saint-Tropez, looking as fine as a damn Monet, trying hydrate on Perrier, everybody thirsty, drinks on me, when I’m out, clothes on layaway.” I would have rather heard Migos group member Quavo on this song than on the song Lie. This is a very well put together album and Halsey can really sing.

I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

The Prologue****

100 Letters****

Eyes Closed****

Heaven In Hiding****


Now Or Never*****


Good Mourning*****


Walls Could Talk***

Bad At Love***

Don’t Play****


Angel On Fire****

Devil In Me*****



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Sza Is In CTRL



“That is my greatest fear. If I lost control or did not have control, things would just, you know, I would be fatal.” Top Dawg Entertainment first lady Sza just released her debut album entitled Ctrl. From breakup to makeup to moving on is what this album sounds like. In between certain songs you a hear skits from Sza mother and grandmother giving advice about everyday life. When I hear Sza voice I hear the consciousness of Erykah Badu, the intelligence of Mary J. Blige and sex appeal of Billie Holiday.  This album is Neo Soul, Alternative and Hip Hop. Songs “like Doves In The Wind,” “Go Gina” and “Broken Clocks” are my favorites on this album. Make sure you listen to “Normal Girl.” The guitar solo at the end is impressive. On the song “Supermodel” Sza sings “I could be your supermodel, if you believe me, if you see it in me, see it in me, see it in me.” Hey Sza, I see it in you. Inbox me so we can have brunch. At the end of the song Garden, Sza grandmother gives her a little insight about haters. She says “you ain’t shit to say to me, I ain’t got shit to say to you. and step on. you black heffer you. you stand your ground. cause I feel the same way. if you don’t like me, you don’t have to fool with me. but you don’t have to talk about me or treat me mean and I don’t have to treat you mean. I just stay out of your way. that’s how you work that one.” This album will be in Billboard top ten within a month.

I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.


Love Galore****

Doves In The Wind*****

Drew Barrymore***


The Weekend*****

Go Gina*****

Garden (Say It Like Dat)****

Broken Clocks*****


Wavy (Interlude)****

Normal Girl****

Pretty Little Birds*****

20 Something


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The Chainsmokers Has MEMORIES…DO NOT OPEN


The production duo that goes by the name The Chainsmokers has released their album entitled Memories…. Do Not Open. The album is #20 on Billboard 200 and their single Something Just Like This Featuring Coldplay is #8 on Billboard 100. The album is so up-tempo with Pop, Dance, EDM, Alternative Rock, R&B, and a hint of Hip Hop. The song that I really liked is Don’t Say featuring Emily Warren and Wake Up Alone featuring Jhene Aiko. On Wake Up Alone, Jhene sings “will you still care, in the morning, when the magic gone, gone, gone, and will you be there in the morning, do you stay when it all goes, or will I wake up alone.” This album can be played at the club, in the car, and at the crib. You cannot go wrong with this album. Shout out to Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Keep making the world dance their shoes off.


That chord progression on My Type is so dope. Emily Warren sings “you’re just my type, the kind that only calls me, late at night, you can’t decide if you’ll be yours or mines, I hate to say it but you just my type, just my type, just my type.”


I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest

The One*****

Break Up Every Night****


Don’t Say*****

Something Just Like This*****

My Type*****

It Won’t Kill Ya*****



Wake Up Alone*****


Last Day Alive****


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BACK TO US Say’s Rascal Flatts



No Diss, but to me, The Rascal Flatts are the male version of Dixie Chicks. Their newest album entitled Back To Us is #55 on Billboard 200. This album is Country but it has a hint of Hip Hop and R&B with tracks like I Know You Won’t and Hands Talk. A song called Are You Happy Now is a superb duet featuring Lauren Alaina. In the chorus, they both sing, “What goes around comes back around, it’s been that way forever, baby just look at you now, barely holding it together, we were so in love, but you gave that up, just look around, are you happy now.” I also liked the song Vandalized. The concept was different and fresh from what hear today, go check it out. This album is well rounded from an emotional perspective because you will dance, cry, reminisce and laugh. Shout out Rascal Flatts and you guys should definitely do a joint album with the Dixie Chicks, that would be a Country Music Classic.

I rated the songs I liked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Yours If You Want It*****

Hopin’ You Were Lookin’****

I Know You Won’t*****


Back To Us****

Kiss You While I Can***


Are You Happy Now*****

Hands Talk*****


Love What You’ve Done To The Place****

Roller Rink****

Our Night To Shine*****


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Harry Styles Debut


Former member of British boy band One Direction Harry Styles is the millennial John Lennon. His Debut album is #10 on Billboard 200. This album has a alternative, neo soul, R&B, Rock N’ Roll, Country feel to it. The song Ever Since New York has a Beatles Penny Lane persona to it. Hidden content and real substance. Harry sing’s “ Brooklyn saw me, empty avenues, there’s no water, inside this swimming pool, almost over, had enough of you, and I’ve been praying, never did before, understand I’m, talking to a wall, I’ve been praying, ever since New York.” On the song called Carolina, Harry sing’s “ she’s got a family in Carolina, so far away but she says I remind her of home.” The hook/chorus instrumentation is so catchy and uptempo, you have to go listen to it. Overall this is well structured album shout out to Harry Styles and I am going to need you on a hook of one of my songs real soon.

I rated the songs I lked by an asterisk. 5 being the highest.

Meet Me In The Hallway*****

Signs Of The Times****


Two Ghosts*****

Sweet Creature****

Only Angel****


Ever Since New York*****


From The Dining Table****


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Linkin’ Park Has ONE MORE LIGHT


Alternative Metal Group Linkin Park has released a new album entitled One More Light that has jumped to #1 on Billboard 200 so, I had to give it a listen. Linkin Park music always comes with substance behind Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and Heavy Metal. I was surprised to hear G.O.O.D Music president/Hip Hop artist Pusha T on Good Goodbye, He really brought the song to full circle, go give it a listen. My favorite song Battle Symphony, the chorus they sing, “ I hear my battle symphony, all the world in front of me, if my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together, battle symphony, please just don’t give up on me, my eyes are wide awake.” This album like all the other Linkin Park albums are inspirational and experimental you cannot go wrong with adding some Linkin Park to your playlist.

Nobody Can Save Me****

Good Goodbye****

Talking To Myself****

~Battle Symphony****



Sorry For Now****

Halfway Right****

One More Light****

Sharp Edges****


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Since 2011 Machine Gun Kelly has been tearing down stages and putting on for his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. His latest album entitled Bloom is a complete body of work from start to finish. With a balance of street, radio-friendly anthems this is definitely an album worth buying. There is a mixture of Alternative, Hip Hop, Trap and Rock N’ Roll. The first song you hear is called The Gunner. With that melodic intro with the piano, you can’t help but be drawn in to listen. The first four bars MGK raps “ my walk is so cocky, the bouncers don’t even stop me, ain’t no pat down, no I.D, they know me that shit obvi, bitch I pack out the lobby, just from fans trying to find me, I got daughters and mothers, trying to fuck with the gunner.” This whole album is nice but my favorite track would have to between Golden God and Moonwalkers. As an artist, the order of your tracks can determine how your album is viewed and MGK kept the more meaningful songs like Let You Go and 27 for the ending, I really like that.


The Gunner*****


Go For Broke****

At My Best****

Kiss The Sky****

Golden God*****

Trap Paris*****


Can’t Walk***

Bad Things****


Let You Go****



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Rest in peace George Kelly Barnes aka The Real Machine Gun Kelly