Being under a Performing Rights Organization is very important if you want to be protected and win. Just last week I attended the ASCAP EXPO and I must say it definitely put me in a new mind frame. I missed the events on Thursday 4/13 because of a plane delay so if anyone has Ryan Leslie contact let him know I have a song I wrote called “True Love” that he needs to hear. I also want to give s/o to artist/author Kyle Ellen for helping me around, showing me where to go to get my badge and gift bag, you are appreciated. The Istandard Producer/Rapper Showcase at Ohm Nightclub was a smash. To see all the upcoming producers showcase their beats gave me much needed inspiration and motivation special thanks to host Jason “J Hatch” Hadshian and make sure you get his book entitled “How I Left My Job And Made It In The Music Industry.”

Friday morning 4/14 ASCAP President Paul Williams talked about the importance knowing your rights as a songwriter and how all PRO members should be fighting for their rights to protect their music. also if you are ASCAP member text 52886 and join the fight for congress to take a stand with songwriters. Special thank you to California Democrat Representative Karen Bass, Georgia Republican Representative Doug Collins and Executive Vice President & General Counsel Of ASCAP Business & Legal Affairs Clara Kim. Saturday 4/15 was surreal. Senior Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Ernesto “Tou” Clark spoke on building your team and knowing when its the right time to hire a lawyer, manager, publicist etc. Special thank you to CEO Of GRID Financial Management Bryan Franklin, Creative Of BMG Music Publishing Jennifer Goicoechea, Manager Gary Leon and Attornet at Nixon Peabody Carron Mitchell.

Stevie Wonder was awarded the ASCAP Key Of Life Award and was interviewed by the lovely Janelle Monae. He talked about growing up in Detroit and being signed to Motown at 12 years old. He really has a sense of humor. One thing he said that is still stuck in my head is “If you really love music there are no days off.” Attending this event really was a wake up call for me because there are so many songwriters, musicians, producers, DJ’s in the music industry and the only way you can stand out or be heard is not to network, but to build relationships. Networking is just talking about your accolades, building relationships is talking about your weaknesses know the difference and get out there be great.


Troy Trailblazer Carter


“people either add value or extract value from your life. There is no neutral.” It is more than one way to make money in music and Troy Carter is a perfect example of this statement. Even with being a high school drop out Troy is a trailblazer, he is the global head of creative services for Spotify and the founder, chairman and CEO of Atom Factory, an entertainment management company. Troy is also invested in Lyft, Uber, Dropbox, Pop Water and over thirty other companies. He says “ideas are cheap whats that initial execution look like.” From West Philadelphia born and raised like the mogul Will Smith, its only right he came up under the fresh prince. Troy was in the ninth grade in 1988 when he and his friends started the rap group 2 Too Many and rapped for Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Even though they sucked James Lassister, Will Smith manager took a liking to Troy and nurtured him in the linguistics of music business. Troy stated that he learned to read contracts upside down and business language from James.

Troy first started promoting Hip-hop/rap shows in Philadelphia with Charlie Mack. He was first to bring Wu-Tang Clan to Philly and paid them $2,500. Troy got an internship at Bad Boy Records by getting Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/ Sean Combs the bartender phone number at an after party that Troy promoted in 1995. He first met femcee eve when she was sixteen, he moved out to California to work with James Lassister And Will Smith but was not really ready so he moved back to Philly and began managing Eve when she was nineteen. When asked what a good manager is Troy says “ He/she should have patience, understanding, calm before the storm attitude, doesn’t get caught up in the hype and knows what a hit record is.” Troy said he went into a deep depression after being fired by Eve when asked how he got through it, he says “meditation.” He almost lost his house but his wife and mother in law pawned their wedding rings for him to stay afloat. That same year he met Lady Gaga and managed her for five years. After being fired,  he felt as though his opinion did not matter any more however, Troy has not slowed down at all. when asked what advice he had for upcoming artist, Troy says “focus on the craft, listen to the audience, release hits and do it yourself is not always the way to go.”

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Come Hang Out


The Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, AL is going to be on point this year like it has always been. performances from Chance The Rapper, Mumford And Sons, Frank Ocean, Dj Snake, Lil Yachty, Tory Lanez, Shaggy, Lukas Graham, Twenty One Pilots, Migos, ASAP Ferg, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The New Respects and many more. Different tickets are available from general to V.I.P to Super V.I.P which includes gourmet food and watching main stage acts from a hot tub, yes really. This is a multi genre music festival so expect to hear something you probably never heard on your local radio station.

Photo By Hangout Music Fest

On Track Kodak Black


He said, “I don’t rap, I illustrate, I don’t paint pictures, I picture paint.” Through all his county jail bids, probation restrictions and court dates Kodak Black from Pompano Beach, Florida has a story to tell. His debut album Painting Pictures which features his hot single Tunnel Vision is not a well polished album but its definitely a must to hear. The songs that I caught a real vibe to were “Feeling Like”, “U Aint Never”, “Reminiscing”, “Off The Land” and “Top Off Benz.” On the track Day For Day Kodak raps “ I aint trying to see the pen, I’m trying to see it shake,neighborhood hero, I’m the one who gonna save the day, chosen one my family depend on me to make a way, I do it for my niggas locked up doing day for day.”  One of the song I thought would have made the album was his certified gold single “Too Many Years” featuring PNB Rock that was a major mistake. I was recently on twitter and I tweeted out free Kodak Black a Kodak hater replied, “keep that racist in jail.” I say that to say this, say what you want about Kodak he is telling his story and if you were not there, keep your opinion to yourself. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from Tupac, Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson and Freddie Gibbs is to watch what women you befriend. Hold your head up Kodak Black.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.

Day For Day****

Coolin And Booted****

Candy Paint***

Up In Here***

U Aint Never*****

Twenty 8**

Patty Cake***

Save You***


Tunnel Vision*****

Corrlinks And Jpay***


Side Nigga**

Off The Land****

Top Off Benz****

Feeling Like****

Why They Call You Kodak*****

There He Go****

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Piano Forte Is Sway


PianoByCODNewsroom.jpgThe first piano was made in Florence Italy by Harpsichord and clavichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori. The natural keys were black and the accidental keys were white that eventually changed thanks to Sebastian Leblanc. The left pedal is the damper to soften the sound, the center pedal is the sostenuto to sustain certain notes and the right pedal is the sustain to hold certain notes even after you let them go. The Italian name for the piano was Clavicembalo col piano e forte aka Piano Forte. harpsichord couldn’t evoke the emotion the player wanted and the clavichord was too delicate and was often drowned out by other instruments during the concerts. Romanticism in the 18th century really popularized the piano. Strings were stretched diagonally in a sound box, which Loud did in 1802. Broadwood invented the metal frame in 1815. Erard introduced the double hopper and thicker strings in 1822. Pape substituted felt for leather on the hammers in 1826. In 1842, Pape increased the range of keyboard to eight octaves. Bord reinforced strings with a metal bar in the year, 1843. This increased their resistance to the hammer blows.Its the instrument that when you hear it, you know what it is without a question.

Franz Liszt, Frederic Choplin, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Marie Moke Pleyel, Clara Wieck Schumann are just a few of the great pianist of our time. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is one my favorites is one of the most popular pianist. Mozart composed at the age of five and performed before royalty at the age of seventeen. The industrial revolution birthed the piano factories like Steinway & Sons who sponsored piano tours, built homes, concert halls and payed for college for their employees. America became accustomed to the piano in 1770 by German immigrant John Behrent. The working middle class could now afford a piano in the house. It became custom that if a woman wanted to be courted by a man of great stature, she had to play the piano, cook and know how to use a sewing machine. Wonder how many women can do that today. The great depression came and took a toll on piano sales. Piano factories like Bechstein began to make gliders and coffins to keep from going out of business. Black composers like Scott Joplin and Duke Ellington gave the piano a new sound with Ragtime and Jazz in the 1920’s. After World War II Asia began electronic keyboard manufacturing with Yamaha and they haven’t looked backed since. Lets not forget about Robert Moog and Midi either. Whether you are a fan or not the piano will always set the foundation in making a hit song.


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Humble Monsta Like Bink


If you don’t know who Bink from Norfolk, Virginia is then you obviously are not a fan of early Rocafella hits like Raw & Uncut and You, Me, Him and Her and All I Need. Bink has produced for almost everybody in the hip hop and R&B game. From Kurupt to Jay-Z to J. Cole to Jamie Foxx to Kayne West to Rick Ross to even Drake. From the latest Rick Ross album Rather You Than Me, Bink produced Santorini Greece, Game Aint Based On Sympathy and Scientology. Bink also spoke how Santorini Greece was the only track he came with when he stayed at Rick Ross house in Atlanta for a month in a half. Bink met Rick Ross in Miami in 2000 when Ross was ghost writing for Angie Martinez. Bink who also produced Cigar Music by Rick Ross says that that track slowed 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef down because of its instrumentation and the way Ross out rapped him. Bink also spoke of the lack of respect for producers and up and coming producers looking for a quick score and having eight to ten seconds to wow an artist. He also spoke how he hates music streaming service. he said, “charge your fan and give it to the person who aint a fan for free. you can be on Spotify but if no one is listening to you we still not checking for you.”

Devil In New Dress by Kayne West was once called Magic Hour. Bink said he wasn’t going to give Kayne the song until he heard the opening line, “she love jesus but she learned a lot from satan.” Bink first major hit was Lights, Camera, Action by Mr.Cheeks. His favorite five production by him are Devil In New Dress, 1-900-Hustler, Rulers Back, Santorini Greece and Game Aint Based On Sympathy. His top three session are with Missy Misdemeanor Elliott, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. He wants to do a whole album with Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast and his favorite artists of today are Anderson Paak, Bj The Chicago Kid, J. Cole and Chance The Rapper. Bink also spoke about Just Blaze and Jake One imitated his style and that timing is everything.He also said be a firm believer of quality over quantity and to work with musicians who compliment your music. And If going to get a publishing deal tell your lawyer you want to be exempt from the black box.



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Smoke 1


Roll that shhh, light that shhh, pass that shhh!!! April 20th Smokers Club/ Day N’ Night will be throwing a show at the Observatory Grounds In Santa Anaheim, California. Performances by Flatbush Zombies, Joey Badass, Lil Uzi Vert, Rob Stone, Suicide Boys, Playboy Carti, Squid Nice, Azizi Gibson and Cj Fly. Music by Dre Moon. Make sure you wear your Vans and Chuck Taylors and not your Gucci and Balenciaga’s. And if you still smoking mids please do us all a favor and don’t pass that shhh. Get your tickets now because this will for sure be a sold out quick.

Photo by: Smokers Club

Chess Not Checkers



If you ever seen the movie Cadillac Records, then you know half of the story of one of the greatest record labels of all time, Chess Records. Established by Leonard Chess, a businessman who moved to Chicago from Poland in 1928. He opened up a liquor store in the mid 1930’s on the southside of Chicago and fell in love with the music that was played on his store front. In the late 1930s  Leonard and his brother Phil opened a nightclub called Macomba Lounge where black musicians could come and play their instruments, dance and enjoy themselves. While working as an associate for Aristocrat Records, owned by Evelyn Aron, Leonard met the great electric blues player Muddy Waters and they bonded quickly. In the Chess Records Story Documentary Chuck D of Rap Group Public Enemy say’s “you had a combination of muddy waters that was bold and you had a grass root dude like Leonard Chess and together they had a combination that said hey! lets go get it.”

In 1949 Leonard and his brother Phil bought Aristocrat Records and renamed it Chess Records. There first release was My Foolish Heart by jazz saxophonist Gene Ammons, their second was Walkin’ Blues with Rollin’ Stone on the B-side by Muddy Waters. In 1952 with the blessings from Muddy Waters, Chess Records bad boy Little Walter recorded a instrumental called Jukin’ that took the streets of Chicago by storm and really rejuvenated Chess Records. Little Walter also had a song that talked about his woman cheating on him and when he found her he took her back but he was not going to let it slide, the track was called Boom Boom, Out Go The Light. I’m Your Hootchie Cootchie Man was a song for the grown and sexy and who better to perform than Muddy Waters. The song was written by genius arranger/songwriter Willie Dixon who was behind Chess Records success in the mid 1950s.

Chess Records were in it to win. At recording sessions you would see a fleet of Cadillac cars at 2120 South Michigan Avenue. In 1955 Rock N’ Roll king Chuck Berry and Bo Didley both signed to Chess Records. Chuck Berry from St.Louis came to Chicago looking for a record deal and found one. His Hit song Maybellene, once called Ida Red broke the barrier of black music being played only on black radio stations. Bo Didley, who built his own amps and electric guitars out of metal scraps, performed I’m A Man for another record label across the street from Chess Records but they didn’t like the song, Leonard Chess signed him before he even played one song. In 1957 Leonard Chess had a heart attack but that didn’t slow him down he had the queen of soul up next. Etta James had a beautiful voice to match her beautiful face. Her single and album At Last opened up a lot of ventures for Chess Records. In 1963 Leonard Chess bought a radio station for one million dollars. He called it WVON voice of the Negro. One of the disc jockeys was Herb Kent The Cool Gent. —In 1965 pianist and singer Fontella Bass single Rescue Me reached #1 on Billboard R&B charts and sold over one million copies.

In 1969 Leonard Chess had another heart attack and died. Chess Records was bought out by General Recorded Tape (GRT) and they made Leonard son Marshall the president but it wasn’t the same without Leonard Chess. Marshall left Chess Records to manage U.K rock group Rollingstones and Phil stayed at managing WVON until it was sold in 1969. Chess records was sold again in 1975 and the label began to fade away. Today the Chess Catalogue is owned by Universal Music Group. In 2013, Leonard and Phil Chess were honored by the National Academy Of Recording Arts and Sciences with a Trustees Award for Lifetime Achievement.


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Tremaine Got Game



Yuuuuuup!!! even with the run-ins with the law in Detroit, beef with Keke Palmer for putting her in a music video she said she did not consent to, and altercations with fans/haters, which we know he would not have done anything to but stepped aside and let his body guards beat him to the white meat, Trey Songz is not letting anything stop his progress. Trey Songz is coming back after going platinum with his 2014 album entitled Trigga with his newest album Tremaine, Trey Songz will always be R&B #1 playboy. On 1×1 Trey Songz sings “ Its 3am I’m back for more, just two of us, show me what I’m waiting for, 1 by 1, 1 by 1.” Songs like Playboy, She Lovin’ It, Games We Play and Picture Perfect on a scale from 1 to 5 are a guarantee 5. That next single I hope to hear on the radio are Animal or 1×1, they both have that up beat tempo, party all night fill to them.  Though its not my favorite album by Trey it is still a solid body of work. Go check out the mixtape by Trey Songz Anticipation 3.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.

The Prelude***

Come Over****

#1 Fan**

Nobody Else But You****


The Sheets…Still****

Song Goes Off****

She Lovin’ It*****




What Are We Here For****

Games We Play*****

Picture Perfect*****

Break From Love****

Photo By: Eva Rinaldi