Pots & Pan Audio


I went to Illinois over the weekend to mix my first live show at Q bar in Glendale Heights and to attend a funeral in Elgin, rest in peace Charles “Choo” Baldwin, you will truly be missed cousin. I could not leave without getting in the studio so I reach out to the best of the best; Pots And Pan Audio LLC. Established in March of 2015, audio engineer “Famnorf” and Producer Reggie “The Sampler King, are creating a new sound from the city of Chicago. “ Don’t Stop” is what Famnorf says through out the recording process. Reggie doesn’t say much but his beats have a very big mouth. Pots And Pan Audio LLC has beat and recording packages that are reasonable for artists who have a budget and are serious about their craft. So if you are in The Windy City and are in need of a well furnished, professional, studio with grade A service then Pots And Pan Audio LLC is who you should reach out to. Special s/o to Famnorf for giving me much needed advice on songwriting and audio. And showing me where the good food spots were at in the city. I know the next time I come Ramos on North Cicero has the best dipped Italian beef hands down.


5824 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, Illinois. 60631


On A Cloud Rollin’ Loud



Puff, puff, pass is how properly handle that good loud and rotation is clockwise.The Rolling Loud Festival definitely has a line-up of the best of the best. performances from Lil’ Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Future, ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller, Currensy, Migos, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Post Malone, Tyler The Creator and hopefully Kevin Gates, who was set to be released last week for kicking a fan now faces gun charges in Illinois from a 2012-13 incident. Prayers going up for MR. IDGT. Also performing are Miami’s own Kodak Black and Denzel Curry. This festival will be held at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida. This is an all age event so please no foolishness.

Tickets can be purchased at http://www.rollingloud.com

More Life: Drake



Watch out for me, I’m about to glow! Not even out a whole month and Drake’s More Life album had 61.3 million streams on Spotify and 89.9 million streams on Apple Music on its release date March 18,2017. More Life is not like any other album. It jumps in and out of different genre’s from hip/hop with Free Smoke to trap with Portland to R&B with Passionfruit to dancehall with Madiba Riddim to reggae with No Long Talk . What has not change about Drake is his truth.  on the song Portland featuring Quavo from Migos and Travis Scott, Drake raps “ My side girl got a 5s with the screen cracked, still hit me back right away, better not never hesitate, don’t come around thinking you getting saved, trying show the dogs brighter days, got a torch, trying to light the wave, biting everybody which is ironic, cause your next album probably won’t  see the light of day, had fans but you let them down, but I guess thats how you niggas getting down.” Yes this is not Drake best album but it does have its own identity, its own lane, its own wave. I don’t care what you say, Drake is still what you play when that P.Y.T come over to chill with you for the night. And when you in that rental driving around downtown Detroit or Chicago just trying to be seen. My favorite song on the album is Glow featuring Kayne West

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.

Free Smoke****

No Long Talk****


Jorja Interlude*****

Get It Together***

Madiba Riddim****




Skepta Interlude****



Nothings Into Somethings***

Teenage Fever****


Lose You****

Cant Have Everything****


Since Way Back****

Fake Love****

Ice Melts****

Do Not Disturb*****

Photo By: The Come Up Show

Keep The Bass In Place



The Viola Da Gamba also known as the fingernail bass was the first bass instrument dating back to the 1500’s. In the 1800’s The Contra Bass arrived and Domenico Dragonetti, Giovanni Bottesin, Serge Koussevitsky all thrived at it in there own particular way with different techniques and bows. Lloyd Loar was the first to invent the electric double bass in 1924, Paul Tutmarc invented the bass fiddle in the early 1930s.The genre that revolutionized the bass was Jazz. Jimmy Blankton, Oscar Pettiford, Charles Mingus and Paul Chambers were the pioneers of bass players being soloist. They paved the way for Victor Wooten, Nathan Watts, John Paul Jones, Chris Squire, Roger Waters Jaco Pastorious. A bass with eight or twelve strings is used for classical or orchestra music. A bass with four or fewer strings is used for rock, blues, jazz, etc. My two favorite bass lines come from songs Good times by Chic and Money by Pink Floyd.

In 1951 Leo Fender introduced the first electric bass and it changed everything in the music industry. Monk Montgomery of the Lionel Hampton Band was the first to play it.

Motown thrived off the electric bass, Songs like Please Mr. Postman and Aint No Mountain High Enough were played by the greatest bassist of all time James Jamerson.  The late 70s were the golden era of the bass, it brought forth the mixture of fusion jazz and bluegrass country. And it also became the norm for a melodic bass line to be in a pop song for it to have a chance of being a hit. The synth bass is a popular instrument today with home studio but, it will never replace the upright bass, acoustic bass, electric fretted bass, electric fretless bass, precision bass, jazz bass, fender jazz bass, Chapman Stick and Ned Steinberger bass. Without a low end I don’t think we would enjoy any of the music we listen to. The bass keeps the pulse of the track, It has a way of making sure everything stays in the pocket musically. Music home base will always be the bass.

Fun Facts:

Finger plucking style of the bass was created by John Entwistle, Slapping style of the bass was created by Larry Graham, The walking bass line style was created by Wellman Braud. There is a documentary on Netflix about Jaco Pastorious entitled Jaco. Go check it out.



Photo By: Egonkling

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Feel The Fyre



If you want to enjoy a vacation where great food, greater music and a bunch of activities will be available, the private island of Fyre Cay in the Bahamas is where you should go for spring break. At The Fyre Festival, enjoy jet skiing while watching performances from acts such as Kayne West, Teyana Taylor, Desiigner, Pusha T, Tyga, Big Sean, John Legend, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Blink 182, Migos and Lil Yachty. This festival will take place on April 28-30 and May 5-7 so get your tickets asap. Scholar Rumi once said “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”


Rather You Than Me




Rather you than me. When I hear that I think about being greater than average, living life with no excuses so with being said Ross is back and he’s not holding anything back. As soon as “Rather You Than Me” comes on you’ll hear “Apple Of My Eye” featuring Raphael Saadiq. The vibrant piano and smooth chorus makes you want to close your eyes and give Ross your undivided attention. Ross raps “Tears running down a nigga face, in a room full of failures I feel out of place.” Ross also mentioned his thoughts on his Maybach Music Group Artist Meek Mill’s relationship with femcee Nicki Minaj. “I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, instead of beefing with your dog, you just giving him some distance.”

His song “Idols Become Rivals” was a diss song aimed at the Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams. Ross raps “you stole them boys pub and bought a foreclosure, Scott scorch demons in it, which is more poison.” The hip hop culture needed this song. Birdman name has been written in many lawsuits, being accused of stiffing artists and producers of their royalties such as Manny Fresh, B.G, Turk, Bangladesh and even Lil Wayne. Ross is the rap Barry White and you hear it when you listen to “I Think She Like me” featuring Ty Dolla Sign. It was guaranteed to be a hit on the radio with oldie but goodie sample from The Stylistics “People Make The World Go Round.

Ross has always came with the best possible projects since Port of Miami and I don’t think this will ever change. He knows how to make albums and singles, which is becoming increasingly rare in the music industry. Fun fact: the beat Ross used for his Birdman diss track can be found on Jay-Z’s “Roc La Familia” album entitled “Where Have You Been.” Go listen to it.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.

Apple Of My Eye****

Santorini Greece****

Idols Become Rivals*****

Trap Trap Trap****

Dead Presidents***

She On My Dick**

I Think She Like Me****

Powers That Be****

Game Ain’t based On Sympathy****


Lamborghini Doors****

Triple Platinum****

Maybach Music V****

Summer Sixteen***

Photo By: Justin Walsh

Blues Is A Note




The greatest jazz label Blue Note Records was founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion, Francis Wolff and Max Margulis. Blue Note headquarters was located in New York City at West 61st Street and at 47th West 63rd street. Their first hit was entitled Summertime played Soprano Saxophonist Sidney Bechet. Saxophonist and composer Gil Melle is quoted saying “out of 1000 records that Alfred produced in the years that he had Blue Note, 950 of them are classics.” Horace Silver, Jimmy Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Art Blakey, Grant Green, Hank Mobley, Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson and Jackie McLean are among the Blue Note musicians who were paid for rehearsal time before recording sessions. The artwork used for albums covers were shot by Esquire Magazine Artist Reid Miles.

In 1950, the recording industry switched from 10” LP to 12”. Alfred feeling defeated almost sold Blue Note Records to Atlantic Records until he signed organist Jimmy Smith in 1956 who later became the Blue Note best seller. Alfred Lion retired in 1967 after difficulties with Liberty Records, who acquired  Blue Note in 1965 and Francis Wolff died in 1971. In 1979, EMI bought Liberty Records and let Blue Note phase out until its relaunch February 22nd,1985 under EMI Manhattan Records by Bruce Lundvall. The label is currently owned by Universal Music Group. They have released music from Norah Jones and Amos Lee.

Guitarist Carlos Santana says “we are three things, animal, human, and light. The resonance which is music ignites the animal in the human to the light. We have light in our body, we have eternal energy in our bodies beyond the molecule. We call it inspiration, vision, we call it things we cannot touch taste or feel which translates to faith. There’s no music more conducive or healing back the molecule with the light other than John Coltrane.” If you have no idea what Mr. Santana is talking about I urge you to go listen to John Coltrane’s Blue Train album.

Blue Note songs I like.

Cantaloupe Island By Herbie Hancock

Scratch My Back By Stanley Turrentine

Jumpin’ Blues By Jimmy Smith

Lou Donaldson Blues Walk

Summertime By Sidney Bechet

Joe Henderson Recorda-Me

Art Blakey Moanin’

Bobby Hutcherson Little B’s Poem, Bouquet

Cecil Taylor Pompos Cantados


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Photo By: Alesh Houdek

Trumpet! Oh Trumpet!






Flutter tongue, double tongue, triple tongue, doodle tongue and growling are all techniques used by legendary trumpet players like Wynton Marsalis, Chet Baker, Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong aka “Satchmo.” Made of an alloy of copper and zinc, the trumpet is part of the brass family, and the earliest one created dates back to 1500 B.C or earlier. They were made from the tusks of animals, conch shells and even wood. Because of it being loud and bright the military used it for wake up calls and announcements. The Egyptians, Assyrians, Israelites, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Celts, and Teutonic tribes all created some form of the trumpet. There are many keys of trumpets but the most common known trumpet played today is in Bb flat. The trumpet has a cylindrical tube, shaped in a loop that looks like a bell. Most trumpets have three pistons valves and secondary tubing that act as tubing slides to adjust the tone.

One limitation of the trumpet in the 18th century was that it could not play the chromatic scale so, Anton Hampel replaced the hand in the bell, and Michael Woggel and Johann Stein bent the trumpet to make it easier for trumpet players’ hand to reach the bell. Though Stein’s theory never caught on it helped push forward the renaissance of the trumpet.The key trumpet followed but was replaced by the valve trumpet; the english created the slide trumpet but it didn’t stand the test of times. The first trumpet factory was founded in Paris in 1842 by Adolphe Sax with standardized parts made by Gustave Auguste Besson. Most brass instruments today are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana. If you want to hear the flutter tongue, the doodle tongue, the triple tongue, go listen to the most influential musician of the 21st century Miles Davis album Kind of Blue.


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Photo by: RVB


My Mijo Loves The Migos



Photo by: Olivia Bee



First it was Versace then it was Hannah Montana now its Bad&Boujee. Atlanta’s rap trio group Migos have done nothing but put out hit after hit and lets not forget about the dab; a dance move I saw Hillary Clinton do. Quavo, Offset and Takeoff are from Lawrenceville, Gwinnett county, 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. They were raised by Quavo’s mother who is a hairdresser. They are no strangers to hard work; since 2011, Migos have released 15 mixtapes and countless numbers of features. Offset of Migos says “This ain’t pop. Adele can sit down five years because she does such big numbers. Hip-hop? Try to sit a year. Your ass get left.” Actor, rapper, screenplay writer and comedian Donald Glover aka  Childish Gambino even gave a shout out to the Migos at his acceptance speech for best actor in a musical or comedy TV series entitled Atlanta at the Golden Globes in January calling Bad&Boujee; “the best song ever.”

The chorus goes “my bitch is bad and boujee, cooking up dope with a uzi,  my niggas is savage, ruthless, we hundred and thirty rounds too.” Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas signed the Migos in 2013 and even though the Migos has had their run ins with the law they are destined for greatness. Pee is quoted saying “Offset needs to pat himself on the back. He’s now more conscious, a better father and he delivered a monster record at time when the guys needed make a statement to the industry.” Superstar producer Jermaine Dupri says “People didn’t take Migos seriously at first because it’s Southern and it’s trap. They got a different twang and attitude, but hip-hop is about coming up with your own style. They perfected theirs, and now damn near everybody is trying to be like them.” I plan on listening to their album Culture this week. I’ll let you know if its worth giving a ear to.


Martins, C. (2017, March 18). The Three Migos. Billboard, 129(7). doi:http://features.billboard.com/migos-partying-with-the-bad-boujee-trio-as-they-talk-outrageous-path-to-the-top/

Coach Is Hella Dope



With Beyonce backing out earlier this year due to her pregnancy, the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival is still going to be hella dope this year like it always has been. With headliners like Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga how could it not be. Performances from Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Glass Animals, Mac Demarco, D.R.A.M, Future, Gucci Mane, Schoolboy Q, Tory lanez, Thundercat, DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, Kehlani, Hans Zimmer, DJ Snake, Justice and many more. Beyonce will be headlining Coachella next year so, all you Bey Hive fans out there don’t be upset this will still be a great event to attend. Congrats to Jiggaman and Beyonce.