Rap Superstar Future has really been working. Dropping two albums within two weeks apart shows why future is 1of leaders of this new era. His self entitled album “FUTURE” is definitely for the streets. Tracks like Mask Off and Feds Did A Sweep will make you want to see whats going on for the weekend in the city. Even though it sounds a little like “What A Time To Be Alive” joint album he did with Drake, it is still a well put together album. The order of the songs could have been better put together better but the skits in between some songs make up for it.

HNDRXX album is personally my favorite. It is definitely a R&B album but it does take future out of his comfort zone. Tracks like Looking Exotic and Hallucinating are really solid songs. Whenever I listen to Selfish featuring Rihanna I see the music video, I see that song being on top 40 Billboard within 2 months. HNDRXX is the street R&B version of Beyonce’s Lemonade album. S/o to Future for these 2 albums and showing his work ethic. To sustain yourself  in the music industry you have to be a workaholic and have a good team, Future Hendrix has just that.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.


Rent Money**

Good Dope**



Super Trapper***


Mask Off*****

High Demand**

Outta Time***


Im So Groovy****

Might As Well***

Poppin Tags**

Message In The Room***


When I Was Broke**

Feds Did A Sweep****


My Collection*****

Coming Out Strong*** ft The Weekend

Looking Exotic****


Use Me****



Fresh Air***

Neva Missa Lost****

Keep Quiet***


I Thank U****

New Illuminati**

Turn Me On****

Selfish***** Ft Rihanna



8 thoughts on “Future Hndrxx
  1. Does this album take your top spot in terms of all of his stuff??

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