Finger Nail Or Picking



It is called the instrument of seduction but I think it should be called the instrument of levitation because of its supernatural power of taking any musical piece to the next level. It is said that the greek god Apollo and his love for a lady named Daphne, who sacrificed her life to create what we call today the guitar. Franz Schubert said that “The Guitar is a wonderful thing which is understood by few”.The guitar has quarter phones which produce sound by the vibrations of strings between two fixed points and with the polyphonic technique like fingernail picking, strumming and/or slapping of the strings, the guitar has been the center focus of musical bands since the 19th century. Actor/ Guitarist Jack Black is quoted saying “with the guitar,you’re more like a warrior going to war with your battle ax, where as with a piano you’re just a piano man”.

The book that taught legend guitarist’s like Eric Clapton, John Lennon and Paul McCartney was written by Bert Weedon entitled Play In A Day:Guitar Guide, who also had a instrumental top ten hit in 1959 with Guitar Boogie Shuffle. Weedon was also blessed with the privilege to have played along side Django Reinhardt, who played with just two fingers on his left hand because of a horrific fire incident. The earliest made guitar documented in the states was designed by C.F Martin Sr in the mid 1830s. George Gruhn, the biggest guitar seller has said, the most expensive guitar he sold was Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family; her 1928 Gibson L5 was sold for $575,000. George Beauchamp is credited with creating the first electric guitar with the amplifier; it was nicknamed the Frying Pan because of its look.

Les Paul, who helped Gibson Company with the body work of their guitars, said that the louder the guitar the more tips he got so at a early age he made his first electric guitar by taking the telephone receiver piece and putting it in-between his strings The creator of the most sought after electric guitar today is Leo Fender. A stratocaster was what Jimi Hendrix lit on fire in London 45 years ago. When you think of the guitar don’t forget the mojo triangle and the  pioneers like Robert Johnson, Charlie Christian, T Bone Walker, Chuck Berry, and B.B King. Remember that the country, blues and soul comes from the Mississippi Delta.



Django Reinhardt. Three Fingered Lightning


The History Of The Guitar


No Loss For Ross



With legal issues, house arrest and court cases, rapper Rick Ross will not let that slow him down. His Ninth album “Rather You Than Me” will be released March 17th, the day before he host the MTV Woodies at SXSW. The single “I Think She Like Me” featuring Ty Dollar Sign has been climbing the charts on billboard. With a new deal with Epic Records, Ross is ready for a new beginning to his music catalog; he says “it’s all about the visions and the plans, and L.A. Reid, I feel me and his relationship supersedes anything else. If I have a vision or a plan I believe I can get that done”. When asked about what to expect from this album Ross says “this is most definitely going to solidify that I’m one of the greatest. This will be the album that crowns me king”. Songs like “Powers That Be” featuring Queens Bridge finest Nas, “Dead Presidents” featuring Future  and “Idols Beomes Rivals” are songs titles that you can expect on this upcoming album.

Memphis In May On Beale


April showers brings May flowers on America’s most iconic street. The Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis Tennessee is coming. There will be performances by Snoop Dogg, Kings Of Leon, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Griz, Lil Wyte, Jill Scott, Ziggy Marley and many more. Get your tickets in advance this will definitely be a great experience if you are into multi genre. If you do, make sure you get a reservation at B.B King’s Blues Club and have dinner and then go have a beer or two at the Coyote Ugly Saloon.

Future Hndrxx


Rap Superstar Future has really been working. Dropping two albums within two weeks apart shows why future is 1of leaders of this new era. His self entitled album “FUTURE” is definitely for the streets. Tracks like Mask Off and Feds Did A Sweep will make you want to see whats going on for the weekend in the city. Even though it sounds a little like “What A Time To Be Alive” joint album he did with Drake, it is still a well put together album. The order of the songs could have been better put together better but the skits in between some songs make up for it.

HNDRXX album is personally my favorite. It is definitely a R&B album but it does take future out of his comfort zone. Tracks like Looking Exotic and Hallucinating are really solid songs. Whenever I listen to Selfish featuring Rihanna I see the music video, I see that song being on top 40 Billboard within 2 months. HNDRXX is the street R&B version of Beyonce’s Lemonade album. S/o to Future for these 2 albums and showing his work ethic. To sustain yourself  in the music industry you have to be a workaholic and have a good team, Future Hendrix has just that.

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is the highest.


Rent Money**

Good Dope**



Super Trapper***


Mask Off*****

High Demand**

Outta Time***


Im So Groovy****

Might As Well***

Poppin Tags**

Message In The Room***


When I Was Broke**

Feds Did A Sweep****


My Collection*****

Coming Out Strong*** ft The Weekend

Looking Exotic****


Use Me****



Fresh Air***

Neva Missa Lost****

Keep Quiet***


I Thank U****

New Illuminati**

Turn Me On****

Selfish***** Ft Rihanna



Hits At The Hit Factory


Photo By: Hit Factory. NYC

When I say legendary recording studios in New York City what is the first thing you think of? I think of The Hit Factory. Established in 1975 by Edward Germano and located on 421 west 54th street, it was where superstar acts like Bruce Springsteen and Barry Manilow recorded. The first album to have ever been recorded at the H.F was Stevie Wonder’s “ Songs In The Key Of Life”.

Whitney Houston most famous hit song “ I Will Always Love You” which went on to be nominated for 41 Grammys in 1994 was recorded at the H.F.

The late great Notorious B.I.G recorded his debut album Ready To Die at the H.F, and lets not forget, the music mogul 50 cent was allegedly stabbed murder inc artist Ja Rule, or was it Black Child? at the H.F.  It is said that The Beatles songwriter John Lennon was killed at night after leaving the H.F. He was recording his album “ Double Fantasy” which was to feature his wife Yoko Ono.

In 2003 Edward Germano passed away and in 2005 H.F was officially closed. in 2006 the building was converted to 27 condominiums. Basketball superstar Carmelo Anthony and actor Tracy Morgan have lived in these luxurious pads. Edward’s wife janice, is quoting saying “The Hit Factory paved the way for how recording studios approached the artistic process of making music. It forever changed the way artists thought about creating records and raised the art form to a new level of innovation”.



Biggie Smalls at the Hit Factory in 1993

50 Cent Tells Stabbing Story At Hit Factory

John Lennon Covers Little Richard Slipping and Sliding At The Hit Factory

O’ Where Thou Violin


Photo By: D Sharp

One of the most beloved instruments is and will still be the violin. The fingering, the stops, the harmonics and skips create a peace in any musical passage. The Violin is the soprano instrument of the string section, held on the left supported by theft side of the chin. Violin maker and expert Florian Leonhard is quoted saying “The violin is a powerful symbol of the peak of mankind’s creative ability”.

First crafted in northern Italy in the city of Cremona by the Amati family. Amati family under Andrea Amati ran the violin business for over 200 years in Italy (1544-1744). Andrea developed the basic framework of the first violin. The metropolitan museum of art in New York has a Andrea Amati on display. Nothing is more excellent than a stradivarius. They are so well known that they are often stolen or replicated to be sold for millions.

Andrea Guarneri also known as Del Gesu, was also well known as a violin maker. His Violins were not well crafted or put together but the tone of a Gesu is still what is wanted by soloists today.

One of the biggest violin scandals ever involved dealer Dietmar Machold. Machold was accused of falsifying documents of authentic violins, concealing assets, including large collections of antique watches and cameras and securing loans he knew he could not pay back. Machold was not your average antique instrument dealer. He owned 36 cars and expensive violin shops in New York, Chicago, Zurich, Vienna, Seoul, and Tokyo. He set to be released from prison in Austria in 2018.

The biggest shark tank business today is violin selling but it is still a lot of money being made everyday. At a Tarisio auction in 2011 a Stradivarius Lady Blunt Violin sold for 15.9 million dollars.  It is said that the wood that made these violins were picked in a special forest where the ice age existed back 15,000 years ago and that “Beautiful music is the daughter of 3 artists; Nature, Luitai, and the maestro”.

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See You Again By D Sharp

The Secrets Of The Violin

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels The Legend



“Before the birth of hiphop, it was basically basketball” says Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. The legendary Queens rap icon interview was enlightening and interesting. He talked about how Michael Jordan would have signed with Adidas instead of Nike if Run-DMC was part of the campaign and even had a rhyme for the Adidas commercial, he said, “Jay’s like King Midas as I was told, Everything that he touched turned to gold.” DMC also talked about Andre 3000 being his favorite rapper but currently no one being greater for hip hop today than Chance The Rapper. He says, “He’s a very, very, very excellent person, first and foremost, and now, for him to win the Grammys and him blowing up, out of all these dudes now, ain’t nobody better than Chance The Rapper. ‘Cause he is my son.

The Roots are performing tonight at the NBA All Star game in New Orleans. Their musical entitled The Evolution Of Greatness  will feature actor Michael B Jordan, DJ jazzy Jeff, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and many more.

“we were the first non-athletic entity to be offered a major endorsement by a sports apparel company.” Darryl “DMC” McDaniels.