The music production center aka MPC is a drum machine, sampler and sequencer all in one. It was created in 1979 by an engineer/guitarist by the name of Roger Linin. In 1988 Akai partnered with Linin and released the Akai MPC 60. Clyde Stubblefield, the original funky drummer for James Brown (1965-1970), has been sampled by time and time again within the music industry. Songs like “Rebel with a pause”, “Fuck the Police” and “Mortal Combat” all sampled his drum beat pattern. Another noteworthy sampling is Coolio’s Grammy award winner song “Gangsta Paradise” was a spin off from Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”.





Today, a good MPC is going to cost you $1,300 and up. The MPC really made it easier for non-musicians to create a beat. Shock G says in a documentary entitled Copyright Criminals that, “what the photographer is to the painter, is what the modern producer, DJ, and computer musician are to the instrumentalist.


The MPC has created a new wave of instrumentation. Whether good or bad, I believe musicians are the meat to the industry. The great composer Igor Stravinsky said, “A good composer does not imitate, he steals”.



Eric B and Rakim’s song “Paid in full” has a voice sample from Ofra Haza.

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BMG $25 Mil Piracy Case


Photo by: Activedia

Peer to peer fly sharing has been going on since the 1990s. Do you remember Napster, Grokster, Morpheus? I don’t either but they all were successful in the beginning and got dismantled in the middle. Fast forward to 2016, We all know BitTorrent right? well say goodbye to that file sharing network. U.S district Judge Liam O’Grady granted $25 million in favor of BMG against Cox Communications aka BitTorrent. BMG claims that Cox Communications aka BitTorrent reproduced and distributed 1,397 copywriter pieces from February 2,2012 to November 26,2014 illegally. The peer to peer file sharing network has been ordered to pay $18,000 per song infringed. With companies like Rights Corp Inc (a litigation service that focuses on infringement of rights to digital content such as music, movies, software, books, and games), record label/artists can be compensated for their illegal downloading of their music. Artist music should not be illegally downloaded but, this is the age of technology so there will be a new file sharing network some computer wiz will make within the near future. If you are in the music industry, it would be beneficial to know what the digital millennium copyright act is.

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PND On The P3


After a two year vacation party next door is back with his highly anticipated album P3. With 16 tracks on the album PND is showing craftmanship as a producer, singer and songwriter. P3 is very experimental. it has a reggae, old school R&B and dancehall feel to it. I wonder if the song Temptations was written to his on/off again friend singer Kehlani. Spiteful sounds very personal and thats when the best music is made. The instrumentation is also well balanced when that lead guitar comes in. The single on the radio, Come And See Me is a well written song.I recommend you listen to PND if you are a fan of the new wave of R&B.


Carl “Drac” Baldwin

I rated the songs I liked by asterisk. 5 is great/banger

High Hopes**

Don’t Run*****


Not Nice***

Only U ***

Dont Know How ****

Problems & Selfless***




You’ve Been Missed***



1942 ****

Come And See Me*****

Nothing Easy To Please***

Purple Lambo. Necklace Don.


Photo by: Brennan Schnell

Let me start by saying this is very well put together video. Collin Tilley is a superb director. He directed Nicki Minaj Anaconda music video and kendrick Lamar Alright music video.I really like skrillex having a theme song the new movie Suicide Squad starring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. I understand hard work pays off but, Rozay on this track makes me not want to listen to it. I do hear his MMG artist Gunplay on this. Chain Smoking,Google him. the instrumentation is a little everywhere but thats what EDM music sound like right?  It is not until the 3:03 mark that the beat actually sounds like the beginning or the intro to a movie theme track. Not a very good song but the music video makes up for that. Seeing Suicide Squad was on my movie list so  I will be going to check this movie out tonight.


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With the last collaboration mixtape with Lil wayne entitled Collegrove 2chainz is back to drop some more country rap tunes.  His latest mixtape  entitled Daniel Son, Necklace Don is a very raw and reckless. It starts off with daniel son, necklace don practicing his karate moves then goes right into “Get Out The Bed” a inspiring, self reflection track. 2chainz has always had his stamp in the game since the late 90s but his  Watch Out Lil Bihh music video really put him in another fanbase/status. don’t think just create.

Here are a couple of songs I liked personally.

Ounces back. I really like the piano and hi hats. The ear candy is really catchy. it sounds like bull horn in reverse.

You in luv Wit her. I Like the distorted guitar. It really took the track up and then the  reggae organ brought it back down to give it peace.

Blessing. self explanatory. You a blessing to some one, stop stressing. The hook is catchy.

Big Amount. the flute is so cool. it gives it the ride along. 2chainz and drake stayed in pocket on the beat.

1 Yeezy Boot. real smooth track. Why 1 yeezy boot though? must of had a good time the following night

I think two more daniel son, necklace don skits would have glued it together a little better.but it is a good mixtape. definitely something i will be listening to in the car.


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Ready or Not, Here she comes.Back In Habit.

Lauryn Hill. MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling! Tour.


Photo by:Eddy Rissling

08/27/16 – Philadelphia, PA at The Mann Center

09/01/16 – Chicago, IL at Ravinia

09/02/16 – Detroit, MI at The Fillmore

09/04/16 – Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue

09/13/16 – Louisville, KY at The Louisville Palace

09/16/16 – Toronto, ON at Massey Hall

09/18/16 – Cleveland, OH at Hard Rock Live Rocksino

09/22/16 – Indianapolis, IN at The Murat Theatre

09/24/16 – Atlanta, GA at Chastain Park

09/25/16 – Tuscaloosa, AL at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

10/01/16 – Boston, MA at Wang Theatre

11/01/16 – San Diego, CA at Jacobs Music Center’s Copley Symphony Hall

11/06/16 – Seattle, WA at McCaw Hall

11/08/16 – Vancouver, BC at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

11/12/16 – Las Vegas, NV at The Foundry at SLS

11/13/16 – Phoenix, AZ at Comerica Theatre

If You are not a fan of Lauryn Hill, you are not a fan of hip hop.


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Stax Up, Stax Higher


Photo by TP Holland

Stax records was not just a record label but a enterprise that will never die. Its soul oriented music still lives on today in many different genres from rap/hiphop to R&B/EDM. Stax Records was a label that when knocked down, would rise up stronger and better each time. Founded in 1961 by Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton, they had their first hit in 1960 with a song entitled “Cause I Love You” by Rufus Thomas and his daughter Carla. Otis Redding was signed to the label in 1962 and he put the whole Stax family on his back. His single “These Arms Of Mines” hit R&B and Pop Charts and never fell. With the success of the label, Jim Stewart wanted to renegotiate  his Stax Records national distribution contract. Little did he know, his 1965 contract had a clause that included Warner Bros/Atlantic’s right to all the music recorded from 1960-1967. In the summer of ’67, Stax suffered a terrible loss. Otis Redding was killed in a plane crash with two other band members of the group Bar-Kays.

Stewart stepped down in 1970 and gave Al Bell Stax Records Marketing executive the chair to run Stax Records. Estelle, part owner of Stax was not happy with the decision with Bell running Stax operation so she sold her shares and started her own label. Al bell was strictly business when it came to reinventing Stax as a great independent label. First there was Johnnie Taylor “Who’s Making Love” single was a huge success then came Isaac Hayes. His album “Hot Buttered Soul” which featured the single “Walk On By” sold three million copies. Hayes was asked to produce the soundtrack for the first black cast movie Shaft, which went on to win an Oscar. with all the success of  Al Bell and Stax they could not escape the IRS and in 1975 they filed for bankruptcy. Today Stax Records is a music academy for up and coming musicians.

Listening back to songs like “Walk On By” by Isaac Hayes or “Respect Yourself” by The Staple Singers you hear the direct, soulful, and truthful music. Al Bell had a vision that everyone believed in, and Stax Records is the blueprint to being a powerhouse record label. If you want to win you have to have a team and you all have to have that one common goal and thats to win.


Carl “DRAC” Baldwin

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