Knowing Culture & SubCulture

“Culture is having the same pattern thinking and share values.” (Singh & Pereira, A, 2005) “Culture is communication, communication is culture.” According to Texas A&M faculty. Dr. Butler states that “Culture is what people do and how they do it”

Marketing involves communication and in order for your marketing campaign to be a success you have to come to an understanding of the importance of peoples pattern thinking and behavior amongst their cultures.

Yes. Culture does impact messaging and promotional. “There are four ways in using the web. 1. Technology 2. Design 3. Marketing. And 4. Business.” (Singh & Pereira, A, 2005) A China-based brand consultancy by the name of Labbrand wrote an article on the signs and perceptions in a chinese culture meaning of a Tommy Hilfiger ad. Great article. A must read if I must say.

Cultural context is acknowledging the differences of two cultures and their meanings, signs, symbols, perception, and behavior. Tommy Hilfiger cologne ad has man on a motorcycle, which in western context means freedom, adventure and speed; but in Chinese context a motorcycle means dangerous, noisy and low even status. (Labbrand, 2010)

A subculture is a small group that have the same beliefs, behaviors, signs, symbols and values; but this sub culture existence comes from a larger culture that they either grew up on or adapted to. One example is Baptist and Apostolic. They both have different beliefs on what Christians are but they are both under the Christianity umbrella.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company also known as Mass Mutual. Chris Mendoze; the vice president of multicultural market development for Mass Mutual is quoted saying “We have developed marketing and recruiting efforts focused on five cultural segments: African-Americans, Hispanics, Chinese, Koreans and South Asians.” (McCoy)

Culture relativism is to know and understand the differences in cultures. This concept will impact Internet marketing by giving that web marketer or that brand consultant a greater impact to make on the marketing and advertisement platform. Texas A&M University faculty say’s that “negotiations are more likely to succeed when the parties concerned understand the reasons for the differences in viewpoint.

These concepts will impact Internet Marketing Strategy by changing the way companies put together their advertisements campaigns. You can have the motorcycle and desert in your ad but you have to think of something else when approaching your Chinese fan base.

For examples companies like Kodak, Pepsi, Nike, Coca Cola are all on an national and international plateau; some are worse than others, but because they took the time to try to reach out on that level it gives them the ace in the deck. If you do not know who your selling to, what offends who, your product is a fail before it reaches the masses.


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Geo Targeting * Localization = Successful Campaign





 The relationship between geo targeting and localization is a marriage. Without geo targeting there is no campaign; and without localization; the right lingo will not be displayed for that Internet marketing campaign to be big. A perfect example of geo targeting would be McDonald’s more urban, hip hop feel commercials or what about the rapper Busta rhymes Kia car commercial.

Geo targeting and localization can be combined to better serve customers by showing a familiarity between a campaign and its targeted culture. “We are able to apply customization to our messaging and content based on what we know about the targeted audiences culture”

Cultural customization impacts keywords by being very important to search engine optimization. “A car in Spain is a coche, whereas a coche in Latin America is a baby stroller”. “Keywords are a critical component of customization for SEO and should be customized to cultural context”. A linguist that speaks the language to the culture you are trying to advertise to is a plus.

Best Regards,

Carl Baldwin

RIP! A Remix Manifesto

The story that had the best compelling illustration of copyright law in the movie was Dan O’Neill, Air Pirates and the Mouse Liberation Front. In the 1960’s Dan O’Neill a cartoonist wanted to turn stretch his freedom of speech so he began to draw the legendary Disney character Mickey Mouse as a drug dealer; the Disney corporation sued Dan repeatedly on claims of it being intellectual property. Disney end up taking O’Neill to the supreme court and on a 9 to nothing decision won their lawsuit of $700,000. Another compelling storyline would be the daycare that Disney was suing for having cartoon character’s specifically Mickey Mouse painted on their building.

No I don’t think “mashups” should be legal because sampling five to seven songs on one record and creating a jammie is obscure and different from sampling a track to get inspiration from a vocal hook or bass riff. Yes mash ups are creative, great party starters and Girl Talk is an international icon who everyone has a like for but it doesn’t involve any musicianship; which I feel is what defines an artist from the one hit wonder. Deejay Shadow is quoted saying “I’m a collage artist. I borrow all my ideas and sounds from other people, and that’s what really turned me on to the possibilities of making my own music. To me sampling is legitimate, in the same way that collage is a legitimate fine art medium. “I do have other musical goals and aspirations. One day I’d love to make a record that has no samples, just as a challenge. (Wolfson, 2004)

Copyright law is needed for works such as music, sculpture, choreography etc. Even though record labels benefit more from these laws; it gives artists a chance to be able to provide for the family. Changes I would make to copyright law would be the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act also known as the “Mickey Mouse Act.” This act Extended copyright protection for an additional 20 years on all new works, as well as those dating back to 1928; in the movie RIP! A Remix Manifesto the director Brett Gaylor shows how Walt Disney took old movies he watched probably as a kid and made a new version of them. One example would be the sketch Steamboat Bill character that Walt Disney remade with Steamboat Willie played by Mickey Mouse. It is obvious that Walt Disney was inspired but the past and he too like Girl Talk was a mash up artist.


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Art & Music Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

The first piece of art comes from the Mesopotamian settlement of Babylon called the Ishtar Gate.

The gate was used during the celebration of a new year; to enter the shrine they called bit akitu. The bricks that were use for this gate were polychrome glaze, and a measurement of the original gate was w15 x h14 x d4 m; it was built between 604-562 B.C. by an unknown artist(s), but the culprit of the operation was King Nebuchadnezzar. The gate signifies King Nebuchadnezzar power and love for his homeland; he wanted to be the greatest ruler of Babylon and the Ishtar Gate beauty says just that.

The texture of this gate is smooth but also rough. The texture has rough surface when it comes to the animals that were decorated on the gate. The animals that you see on this gate were not painted but somehow carved or handmade with some sort of clay. The color; makes the Ishtar Gate stand out; blue is the color of confidence and the yellow and green all play suit in this artifact. The pattern of the lion, bull, and dragon shows that the Babylonians were very fond of these creatures, and they were. The lion depicted Ishtar goddess of love and war the bull depicted Adad; he was their god of weather and the dragon depicted Marduk; he was the supreme god to the Babylonians. The unity comes from the dragon and bull sitting on top of each other in a way that signifies order, and the lion running down the bottom of the gate-signifying observer.

IshTarGate SatanSmitingJob

The second piece of art comes from William Blake; the name of this painting is Satan Smiting Job With Sore Boils. It was made with pen and ink around 1825-26; its size; 32.6 by 43.2 cm. The story of God letting Satan test Job faith by destroying testing him was told in my household many times. Through all the pain that was Job encountered he never cursed God, so in return Job was given all his health, riches, and family back.

The movement of Satan looking heroic and evil at the same time; trampling over Job, who is laid down being given boils over his face. Then appearance, of the woman in the corner, who may have been Job’s wife with her head down; you cant see her face but her kneeling position say’s two things; she is praying to God or she is in distraught about what has happen to her husband. The emphasis is Satan and his wings; the size lets you know who he is and what the story line is; you take the wings from this painting and do not seem so interesting or moving. The painting has primary and secondary colors; the background is secondary and the main emphasis is primary. The space created between the sun, water and land gives the painting it realistic value.

The last piece comes from the painter Lucas Cranach The Elder; the title of the painting is called Adam And Eve In Paradise; it was created in 1531; the size of it was width 3500 by height 5040cm, and it was made in oil on copper beech wood. It was centered on Adam and Eve who were said be the the first man and woman made by god; who were told to not eat from the tree of knowledge.

The emphasis is Adam and Eve, the expression on Adam face looks as if he doesn’t want to eat the fruit because he knows what God told him about the Tree Of Knowledge the snake in the background is probably the snake that talked Eve into eating it first. The movement is the first Adam and Eve and then you take notice to the leaf that covers Adam crouch; what about the deer and lion that sit in the background; the deer would be have been eaten now but because there was no sin until they ate the fruit; a lion and a deer could be in the same area and nothing would have happen. The primary colors throughout the painting give it a dark feeling to it. The texture is a smooth surface. This is relevant to the 21st century because it is what Christians say signified the beginning of sin; it changed the world we live in, it casted that angel now turned demon out of heaven and also is the reason why women go through extreme pain when delivering a child.

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Public Announcement vs The Parliament Funkadelic

What led to the dispute in the case of Bridgeport Music versus Universal Music Group was the infringing of a musical composition and sound recording. In 1998 an R&B and Hip Hop group called Public Announcement came out with a song entitled “D.O.G in me on their All Work, No Play album. The catchy phrase Public Announcement was using was first recorded on a track called “Atomic Dog” by the great Parliament-Funkadelic leader George Clinton on their 1982 album entitled “Computer Games.” Bridgeport claims that “D.O.G. in Me” infringed its copyright on Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” based on the use of the phrase “Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yea” as well as the use repetition of the word “dog” in a low tone of voice at regular intervals and the sound of rhythmic panting in “D.O.G. in Me.” (Bridgeport Pg.1 Para. 2)

Bridgeport Music legal claim was that Universal Music Group copied a very unique and important part of the song “Atomic Dog.” When speaking upon the importance of the lyrics that was infringed, Bridgeport states that “ In terms of iconology, perhaps the functional equivalent of “E.T phone home.” (Bridgeport. Pg.3 Para. 6)

Universal Music Group defense was that the elements of the song were not original so should not be admissible. “UMG argues that the jury should have been instructed to consider the two songs as whole when determining substantial similarity and, so instructed would not have found substantial similarity due to the different mood and theme of the two songs and the limited usage of elements from “Atomic Dog” in D.O.G In Me.” (Bridgeport. Pg.3 Para. 2)


The court’s decision in the case of Bridgeport Music versus Universal Music Group was that there was substantial similarity between the two songs and Bridgeport was awarded statutory damages of $88,980. I think the court made that decision because George Clinton lyrics in “Atomic Dog” were creative and once it was sung on the microphone it became a new expression, a new slang to be used not only in the urban community, but everywhere. “Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yea” (Bridgeport. Pg.1 Para. 2)

I agree with the outcome of this case because “Atomic Dog” was the original song that had those elements that Public Announcement put in their song “D.O.G In Me.” Yes t musicians do get inspiration from listening to the oldies but goodies tracks their parents and/or grandparents were listening to when they were teenagers but to copy and paste and not give recognition is just wrong. It was obvious that this was substantial similarity. The lyrics are robust and it would be hard to try to say to a judge that there were different elements on the “D.O.G In Me” that would be like telling the difference between the two ways of saying tomato.

From reading this case the new vocabulary word I learned was de novo. It means starting from the beginning. “To determine whether they adequately inform the jury of the relevant considerations and provide a basis in law for aiding the jury in reaching its decision.” The legal correctness of the instructions is a question of law that is reviewed de novo (Bridgeport. Pg.2 Para. 3)


Copyright Law And It’s Benefits

The reason behind creating the copyrighting law is benefiting society and economic reasons but the two I feel are incentives and to protect an author’s work. Before 1909 author’s works were not copy written so anyone could buyout your material for a set price and make money off it. Stephen Foster one of the most influential songwriters of the 19th century died broke because of no copyright laws then. Julian Sanchez of Culture Magazine insists that incentives are the reasoning behind copyright law. Julian is quoted saying the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, would create a special, limited three-year copyright in fashion designs, with penalties of $250,000 or $5 per copy for violations.

“Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster lack of protection is in the best interest of the society because singers have redone the song like Bing Crosby. It is said that Foster wrote Beautiful Dreamer six months before he died.

Van Gogh “Irises” lack of protection is in the best interest of the author. Gogh passed away and the work was made in the late 1800s. It is said that Van Gogh made the painting while in a mental institution or asylum.

Tupac Shakur song Sixteen On Death Row continued protection is in the best interest of the author. Tupac passed away in 1996 so the Sonny Bono Act comes into play which protects the work for 70 plus years.

Pablo Picasso painting called the “ The Old Guitarist” continued of lack protection is not in the best interest of the society. Though the painting was made in the early 1900’s it is remarkable piece of art and the painting copyright was forfeited. It is said that Picasso painted this after a friend of his committed suicide.

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Mobile VS Computer Interaction

The difference between mobile and traditional computer is the interaction. Traditional computer access is for surfing the web and mobile is for checking email, getting directions, texting, playing video games and looking for e-coupons. This distinction is important to Internet marketing because it gives a different aspect on how to market and advertise to consumers. For mobile marketing you have three different ways to approach it; sms ads, display advertising and search advertising. FairWind Partners is quoted saying “Mobile devices give companies with consumer-facing Web sites the ability to speak to each of their consumers directly and fulfill their immediate needs at an exact location and time.” Technological differences between countries in different parts of the world impact mobile marketing tactics that can be applied by Internet marketers. Some countries have users that actually use mobile marketing tactics. With a lot more people being on the far east of the globe it has a major impact on how people consume information and when. Studies show that 53.6 people in Japan access Internet from their mobile devices. FairWind Partners is quoted saying “It is estimated that Japan’s Mobile Web technology is roughly 1.5 years ahead of the technology in the United States.”

Consumers do not typically pursue the same actions on mobile devices when compared with traditional computers. Why? You will not surf the web on a mobile device like you would do a computer because of its size. Ethnicity impacts mobile marketing tactics in a multi cultural society such as United States because of the different cultures. Tracey Ross of Prime Access is quoted saying “African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to access the Internet, send and receive messages via text or email, interact with social media, and produce or publish content using their mobile phones.” My future clients should seek to match Internet marketing tactics with the intent of consumers accessing the web via a mobile device vs. a traditional computer by having different tactics like a search advertising campaign, sms ads or display advertisement.




Who You Talkin’ To!!!! Rap Diss Songs

Who You Talkin’ To!!!! Rap Diss songs

Song Title #1: Who Shot Ya

Songwriters: Christopher Wallace

Artist: The Notorious B.I.G

Album Title: Ready To Die (Re master & DVD)

Release Date: 1994/2004

Record Label: Atlantic Records/Arista records /Bad Boy Ent.

Chart History/Awards: US 4X Platinum. Certified by RIAA in Oct 1999.,,

This track was selected because it was direct diss track to 2Pac. He was shot at Quad studios in New York City and didn’t know who did it and the Notorious big dropped this track after it happen.

Song Title #2: Hit Em’ Up Featuring Outlawz

Songwriters: Tupac Shakur, Franne Golde, Duane Hitchings and Dennis Lambert.

Artist: 2Pac

Album Title: 2Pac Greatest Hits

Release Date: 1998

Record Label: Interscope Records/Death Row Records.

Chart History/Awards: France 6- January 1997 (2 Weeks).

Billboard 200 #3, R&B Albums #1 and Top Pop Catalog #15. US 9 X Platinum certified by RIAA in Oct 2000. ’06 Hot Ringtones #25.,,,

This was 2Pac reply to the Notorious Big track Who Shot Ya. 2Pac talks about sleeping with his wife Faith Evans and also how Kimberly Jones also known as Lil’ Kim could get killed if she kept playing games. So the question is, Who You Talkin’ To!!!!

Song Title #3: 100 Miles And Runnin’

Songwriters: MC Ren, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland, Eazy- E, Dr. Dre, Lamont Dozier and Cold 187um.

Artist: N.W.A

Album Title: Niggaz4Life

Release Date: 1990

Record Label: Priority Records.

Chart History/Awards: Niggaz4Life, US Platinum. Certified by RIAA in Sep 1992. ‘90 Billboard 200 #27. ’90 Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Singles and Tracks #51 and R&B Albums #10.,,

After Ice Cube left group for not being paid his worth, NWA made this track calling Ice Cube B.A aka Benedict Arnold.

Song Title #4: No Vaseline

Songwriters: O’Shea Jackson

Artist: Ice Cube

Album Title: Death Certificate

Release Date: 1991

Record Label: Priority Records

Chart History/Awards Death Certificate, US Platinum Certified by RIAA in Dec 1991.,,

Ice Cube made this track responding to 100 Miles And Runnin’. So the question is Who You Talkin’ to!!!!!

Song Title #5: Takeova

Songwriters: Shawn Carter and Josey Scott.

Artist: Jay-Z

Album Title: The Blueprint

Release Date: 2001

Record Label: Def Jam Records/ Rocafella Records

Chart History/Awards: The Blueprint, Billboard 200 #1. 2 X Platinum in May 2002.,,,

Jay-Z wanting to be the King of New York attacked Nas and Prodigy of Mobb Deep on this track.

Song Title #6: Ether

Songwriters: Nasir Jones and Rondell Turner

Artist: Nas

Album Title: Stillmatic

Release Date: 2001

Record Label: Columbia Records/ Ill Will

Chart History/Awards: Stillmatic, 2001 R&B Albums #1. Stillmatic, 2001 US platinum certified by RIAA in Jan 2002. Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Singles and Tracks #50,,,

This was Nas response to Jay-Z Takeova track. So the question is again Who You Talkin’ To!!!!

Song Title #7: Fucking Wit Dre Day (And Everybody Celebratin’)

Songwriters: Andre Young and Calvin Broadus

Artist: Dr. Dre

Album Title: The Chronic

Release Date: 1992

Record Label: Interscope Records/ Deathrow Records/Priority Records

Chart History/Awards: The Chronic, 1992 US 3 X Platinum. ’93 Billboard Hot 100 #8, Rhythmic Top 40 #6, Hot Rap Singles #13, Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles and Tracks #6, Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales #1, Dance Music/Club Play Singles #29.

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Dr. Dre not getting paid what he felt he was worth left the super group NWA and started his own label Death Row Records. And his first single was this, dissing Eazy-E and his Manager Jerry Heller.

Song Title #8: Real Compton City G’s

Songwriters: Eric Wright, Al Hasan Naqiyy, Andre Desean Wicker and David Weldon.

Artist: Eazy-E

Album Title: It’s on (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa

Release Date: 1993

Record Label: Ruthless Records

Chart History/Awards: ’93 Hot Dance Music/ Maxi Singles Sales #21, ’93 Hot Rap Singles #2, ’94 The Billboard Hot 100 #42.,,

This was Eazy-E response to Dr. Dre diss song Dre. Day. So again I ask, Who You Talkin’ To!!!!!

Song Title #9: Second Round K.O

Songwriters: Germaine Williams

Artist: Canibus

Album Title: Can-I-Bus

Release Date: 1998

Record Label: Universal Records

Chart History/Awards: ’98 The Billboard Hot 100 #28, ’98 Hot Rap Singles #3, Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles and Tracks #13, Hot Dance Music/ Maxi-Singles Sales #5, Canadian Singles Chart #9,,

This was Canibus reply to LL Cool J verse on 4,3,2,1. So again I ask, Who You Talkin’ To!!!!!!

Song Title #10: 4,3,2,1

Songwriters: James Smith, Clifford Smith, Reggie Noble, Germaine Williams, Earl Simmons

Artist: LL Cool J

Album Title: Phenomenon

Release Date: 1997

Record Label: Def jam Records

Chart History/Awards: US Billboard #75 – Dec 1997. Hot Rap Singles #10,,,

The song was supposed to be a collaboration but turned out to be a diss song LL Cool J verse was directed towards the artist known as Canibus.

What Is Cross Cultural Marketing By Drac Baldwin

Cross Cultural marketing is marketing on a personal aspect, it is knowing and respecting the differences between you and your peer’s culture; and still being able to come to an understanding of each other’s ideas. Cross Cultural marketing will impact Internet marketing by affecting promotional content. I believe this to be true because in order for your product to sell you want to promote it on a global level; and in order for you to promote it on a global level you have to have a strong marketing campaign on the Internet.

A successful international corporation on a highly localized level would be Li Ning. This corporation makes shoes for Miami Heat All Star shooting guard Dwayne Wade. Li Ning is rated #14 on the “14 Chinese Companies Going Global In 2014”. (Backaler, 2014) I chose Li Ning to be highly localized because of its greatest feature; “offering specific country URL’s with translation wherever relevant” (Singh & Pereira, 2005)

Li Ning being a chinese corporation shows in all their websites. If you take a look at their U.S website it is preferably red and burnt yellow. These two colors are represented in the flag for China. Li Ning does not need to improve their Internet marketing tactics to better connect with the cultures of their intended audience. They have crossed the T’s and dotted their I’s. By having websites that are suitable for different cultures with translations helps with promoting, advertisement and sales. Having a NBA champion wearing your shoes is a bonus too.

Best Regards,

Drac Baldwin


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Chase Your Goals, Not Going Gold By Drac Baldwin

So you want to be a artist in the music industry but you don’t know where to start. Some would say, “Start going to different events like SXSW or AC3” or “ email Russell Simmons and ask for a little advice.” What I would say to you is, in order for you to succeed you need to write down your short and long-term goals and follow through. Yes, you could go to the Ascap Expo and meet Ne-yo or L.A Reid but ask yourself, are you really ready? Do you know the professionals you need to maximize your career and net worth? Peter Van Bos Of Inc Magazine say’s “ In order to reach your goals they need to be concrete measurable and time specific.

One short-term goal you could start off with could be building a solid fan base. You will never have a career in the music industry if you do not have anyone that vouches for you. One long term-goal could be saving your money. You cannot get studio time, equipment, marketing, promotion without having money and where I’m from they say “scared money don’t make no money right so don’t be afraid to pay your dues.

Ask yourself these questions; what levels of success do I hope to achieve? How much time will I invest in pursuing that goal(s)? What factors will determine my decision to pursue something else? It is important that you set some goals and stay in attack mode. Speak it into existence, take it one day at a time and chase your goals, not going gold.


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