Kraftwerk Blog

The image of Kraftwerk was the flamboyant, corporate look. Kraftwerk music was electronic, pop and experimental. It is said they look at The Beach Boys as the image they like to create but with electronic music. Kraftwerk two group leaders were Ralph Hutter and Florian Schneider. Enigineer Conny Plank, musician Klaus Roeder and Karl Bartos were some of the people who were Kraftwerk members.     The albums that were released through 1974-1981 were all…
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Marvin Gaye- What’s going on blog

The image of Marvin Gaye Prior to What’s Going On were clean cut, no facial hair and suits for the stand up lover look. Love songs like That’s The Way Love Is and I Heard It Through The Grapevine were the music he was making. According to David N. Howard in Sonic Alchemy “I Heard It Through The Grapevine sold over four million copies and is Motown’s biggest selling record of all time.”   Social…
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Brian Eno – 40 years of changing music blog

Brian Eno born May 15th 1948 came from a  background of postmen but was more intrigued by music and how it was created. His influences were minimalists such as John cage, La Monte Young and Terry Riley. According to David N. Howard in Sonic Alchemy “ unable to playa traditional instrument, Eno focused on tape recording experiments as an alternative.”   No Pussyfooting released in 1973 and My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts released…
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The Beatles. Revolver Album Blog

Prior to the recording of Revolver, The Beatles music and image were almost the identical as Rubber Soul. Rubber Soul which set the bar for The Beach Boys album Pet Sounds; had the same futuristic sound as Revolver. In Abracadabra written by Ray Newman George Harrison was stated saying, “ there wasn’t much difference between Rubber Soul and Revolver. To me, they could be volume 1 volume 2”.   Non-musical interests that influenced the music…
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Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys. Pet Sounds Album Blog

The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. Prior to this album, The Beach Boys were the surfboarding Californians who had radio friendly songs that were tailored for the young women. Brian Wilson role in the group was not only a singer but also the arranger and composer. He is stated saying“ I wanted to write songs that reflected how I really felt. Something that I felt in my soul rather than car song’s and surf songs.”  …
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Introduction Blog

Hello my name is Carl Baldwin a/k/a Drac and I am student studying music production at Full Sail University. I am 27 years old, married with three kids. I enjoy all music because they all have an avenue to heard but my own preference is hip hop/rap. My primary focus in the music industry is to write and produce music.